unpckd delivers package-free refills and reusables to local doorsteps, offering the convenience of home delivery without the waste of packaging. With the purpose of keeping the planet alive for generations to come, unpckd's mission is to reduce the amount of packaging made and consumed in the UK by making waste-free alternatives available for the products we need and use daily, thus reducing the environmental impact of the things we buy. We focus on reducing consumption of packaging by offering refill foods and liquids in reusable containers as well as sustainable, reusable swaps for disposable household items. unpckd offers solutions for leading a less wasteful life by stocking products that are needed & used everyday in order to have a meaningful and material impact of household waste; as well as sourcing sustainable products that do not end up as waste themselves.

Product or Service

Retail , E-commerce

Social and Environmental Missions


Regions of Operation

Bedfordshire , Cambridgeshire , Hertfordshire

Head Office Address

18 West Hill, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 2HZ, UK, East England
Website: unpckd.com