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auticon Limited


auticon is an IT consultancy employing only consultants on the autism spectrum. auticon consultants have abilities that set them apart from others: They have a genuine awareness for quality, outstanding attention to detail and intuitively recognise novel patterns in complex quantities of data. They uncover these patterns swiftly, effortlessly and free of preconceptions. On top of that, auticon consultants have the ability to think ‘vertically’ – the thinking style familiar to most non-autistic people, based on applying already known and familiar patterns. auticon consultants have a sharp sense of logic, think analytically and infer exceptionally farsighted conclusions. That makes them highly innovative problem solvers. This combination of systematic thinking and creative intelligence makes auticon consultants unique: During the conceptual project stages they enhance project teams with pattern recognition and innovative capacity. When it comes to implementation, they excel with a systematic approach, attention to detail and persistent concentration.

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