The Interpreting Collective Cooperative Consortium Ltd

The Interpreting Collective Cooperative Consortium Ltd


We are a cooperative of Public Service Interpreters, registered as a mutual society with the FCA. Only qualified and experienced Interpreters (spoken language) and Translators (written text) can join our organisation as members. We call ourselves Language Service Practitioners (LSPs). We assist in areas such as Law, Crime, Health, Social Services, Housing, Immigration, Human Trafficking, Sexual Violence and Child Exploitation, to name a few. The service we provide to members of minority communities can often be their last “line of defence” against the powerful institutions they face. Agencies, who act as middlemen, charge a hefty fee for their services, but offer only the lowest of wages to LSPs. As a result, many interpreters exit the profession as they no longer find it sustainable. This leads to shortages of LSPs in the market, which causes delays and problems in fulfilling language bookings. As a workaround, agencies often hire unqualified and untrained bilinguals to carry out the work. The consequences of all this can lead to financial losses, imprisonment, losing custody of children, wrong diagnoses, or miscarriages of justice for non-English speakers, which can make their already vulnerable position almost impossible. Our goal is to fix this situation, by removing the middleman. We connect clients with professional freelance LSPs and automate the administrative functions through a platform which provides clients with the single point-of-access they require, and will enable LSPs to earn fair and sustainable wages. This will have a positive impact on the availability of LSPs. Our basic service packages will be priced at a level that is affordable for individual service users. Moreover, they will be able to use our system in their native language. We are developing this platform in order to run an ethical, democratically governed business as a cooperative.

Product or Service

Professional Services , Legal services

Social and Environmental Missions


Regions of Operation

England (countrywide)

Head Office Address

C/O SPACE4, 113 Fonthill Rd, London, London, N4 3HH, United Kingdom, London