Ripple Suicide Prevention

Ripple Suicide Prevention


R;pple is an online monitoring tool designed to present a visual page on a user’s device the second they are flagged as searching for a harmful keyword or phrase highlighted within the R;pple monitoring tool configuration. Keywords and phrases include any words or terminology which have been identified as displaying potentially damaging online content.​ The R;pple page is presented before harmful online search results are displayed, and act as an interception to encourage users to visit a mental health support page from one of our charity partners as an alternative to viewing harmful online results.​ R;pple aims to minimise the risks of the internet, while harnessing its potential for good, by encouraging users to seek mental health support. ​ Our purpose? To ensure anyone struggling is provided with assistance for their mental health battles.

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3 Faroes Close, Hampshire, Hampshire, PO14 3RJ, United Kingdom, South East England