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Muslim Marriage Services


With many educated Muslim women experiencing difficulties in finding compatible partners in the deen, there has been a rise in the numbers of single, professional British Muslim women, and their increased ages, has become such a significant issue that it has been referred to in some British and International Muslim circles as the Muslim Marriage Crisis. Most Muslim women look to marry someone whom they can connect with and also in the faith. Countless Muslims are ending up divorced or alone because they left the search too late or in the hands of the "aunty's network!" or traditional websites and marriage bureaus that have failed them. They have endured years of disappointment and heartache as a result. By the time Muslims reach their late twenties and thirties, many of their peers are married and the pool to choose from has narrowed considerably already so the search needs to start EARLY. We are connecting all Muslims whose identities and credentials have been verified, further increasing the chances of success. Part of our remit is to: i. reinvest 51% of profits in disadvantaged global communities, regardless of faith or background. ii. minimise the predation prevalent on matrimony sites via our world class digital ID systems and other leading-edge innovations. iii. employ Muslims & non-Muslims because we all learn from each other’s perspectives. We are committed to social purpose and sustainability in measurable and attainable ways.

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