Graduate Planet CIC

Graduate Planet CIC


Graduate Planet CIC is an award-winning recruitment agency that specialises in finding young qualified staff for a range of roles from supply chain to engineering. With over 25 years of recruitment experience, we find great people quickly and cost effectively, reinvesting 100% of our profit into educating primary school children about environmental sustainability solutions. The Sustainable Schools Programme (SSSP) enables children aged 7 to 11 to go to 7 different sustainability sites • The UK’s largest community solar farm to gain an understanding of renewable energy options and energy saving behavioural changes. • Bell boating down the river to learn about water and river conservation. • A real recycling centre to help children to reduce waste and understand recycling opportunities • Tree and biodiversity planting to develop a connection with nature and increase biodiversity corridors accross towns and cities. • A farm to harvest and cook a meal together to demonstrate sustainable farming and food miles. • Building entire sustainable cities out of Lego to understand how towns and cities should be built and encouraging children to pursue careers within sustainability roles. The SSSP programme prepares the next generation for the future both in terms of lifestyle choices and career opportunities, broadening their awareness of ways to mitigate climate change and in supporting their communities to make positive behavioural changes.

Product or Service

Professional Services , Recruitment

Social and Environmental Missions

Environment , Community building and opportunities , Education and literacy , Physical health and wellbeing , Employment opportunities , Youth development and opportunities

Regions of Operation

United Kingdom

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Cherry Tree, Church St null null null, Hampton Lucy, Warwickshire, CV358BE, United Kingdom