Global Urban Design C.IC.

Global Urban Design C.IC.


Global Urban Design C.I.C. is a Community focussed Placemaking consultancy with social missions namely promoting sound urban design and inclusive placemaking principles, training and mentoring and collaborating with others on community benefit projects. Since launching we have evolved focusing on community and capacity building with an emphasis on underrepresented people. We value the community as experts of their lived experience, witnesses to the rise and fall of the places they call home. If you ask people of all ages what they want and need and give them the tools to communicate their ideas they are amazing resources for viable, practical ideas on how to improve and revitalise unused, unloved and neglected places. Our work currently takes the form of creating and delivering workshops, enriching design briefs, writing for community benefit, speaking, and collaborating with others. We have launched with a number of passionate community focussed people the Creative Community Placemakers Network in London.

Product or Service

Professional Services , Management consulting/business support

Social and Environmental Missions

Community building and opportunities , Women and gender equality , International Development

Regions of Operation

City of London

Head Office Address

3Space International House, London, England, SW9 7QD, United Kingdom, UK