Pennies from Heaven

Pennies from Heaven


Do you know how many pennies were on your last payslip? Probably not so why not donate them to charity? Earn £850.34 then donate just the 34p - the most you can ever give is 99p every time you are paid so it appeals to all. Pennies from Heaven is the largest micro giving scheme for employees and pensioners in the UK and has raised over 500,000,000 million pennies for 265+ charities. We support employers to set up and run the scheme and are motivated by donations not profits. Imagine the difference we could make to charity if everyone donated regular amounts of small change to charity? If we can encourage everyone to give a little, together we can all make a big difference to the charity sector. As a Social Enterprise we are committed to reinvesting profits into our business to enable the scheme to realise its full potential.

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PO Box 542 null null null, Witney, Oxfordshire, ox28 9ne, United Kingdom, South East