proHOUND is a non-profit organisation, established to have a profound effect in the hidden epidemic of unhappy, unhealthy and unwanted dogs. Established in 2020, we will collaboratively centralise and circulate credible and scientific fact, share know-how, and influence the respective regulation and legislation on all disharmonies surrounding the domestic canine. Disharmonies include: - Unhealthy dogs: by majority, dogs are obese, are fed processed convenience ‘food’ and are often victims of the mature, multi-billion-dollar pet industry. - Unhappy dogs: by majority, reactivity is normal, as is leash-pulling, under-stimulation and emotional tension. All of these normally occur due to a fundamental lack of knowledge and/or misunderstanding of the most essential aspects of the domestic canine species. - Unwanted dogs: by majority, shelters are full. Yet puppy-mills, backyard breeders and reputable breeders continue to worsen the population problem. Our innovation, called myHOUND, both begins addressing of these issues and funds our social mission.

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