OPO is a network of immersive wellness experiences integrated into everyday spaces that pairs guided meditation with curated soundscapes and real-life views; helping us find a deeper connection to our self and the world around us. We created OPO as a way to find stillness in the noise; for experiencing daily life in an emotionally balanced way and navigating whatever life presents us. Ultimately, for improving our happiness and quality of life. Use the OPO app to discover ‘portals’ near you, across the city and in nature. Designated places of natural beauty, from local squares & gardens to inspiring architecture or sculptures, river views, cityscapes; or sessions designed for use at home. When you arrive at your location, your session will automatically unlock in the app. Each session is designed specifically for your view at that spot. Sit comfortably. Put your headphones on. Press play. And breathe in the view.

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1 Lyric Square, London, Greater London, W6 0NB, United Kingdom, London
Website: www.opo.world