Folkestone Collective CIC


Folkestone Collective CIC has been founded by a group of six Probation Officers working locally in the National Probation Service. A gap in service provision was identified which meant ex-offenders under Probation Supervision were not getting the necessary support from third sector organisations in this area. So Folkestone Collective CIC was founded out of the need to fill the gaps in service provision in Folkestone to help people to desist from future offending. We acknowledge that some of the biggest barriers to the resettlement and rehabilitation of offenders is accommodation, employment and a sense of community, purpose and hope for the future. Folkestone Collective CIC works with ex-offenders and the local community to address these needs. Our mission is to ensure that the purpose of “advise, assist and befriend” is central to our work with ex-offenders to help support them in the community to move on to better lives.

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Folkestone, Kent, CT19 5SL, United Kingdom, South East England