Donate Smart Ltd.

Donate Smart Ltd.


Donating just became easy, giving homeless a better life is just a tap away. With our world becoming increasingly cashless, people experiencing homelessness in London are suffering to fulfill their basic needs. Donate Smart’s bracelet, equipped with RFID technology, enables people experiencing homelessness to receive cashless donations on the streets and directly spend the collected money for necessities at supermarkets or shelters. A set percentage of the donation is redirected into long-term integration projects. Donate Smart operates as a non-profit organization and any surplus created will go straight back to the cause.

Product or Service

Other , Others

Social and Environmental Missions

Homelessness and housing , Financial exclusion , Poverty

Regions of Operation

City of London

Head Office Address

49 Christchurch avenue null, London, Greater London, NW67BB, United Kingdom, London