Core P3M Data Club CIC

Core P3M Data Club CIC


The Core P3M Data Club is a loose affiliation of like-minded professionals who have joined the same LinkedIn group - This presently has 540 members. There are no fees and the club is open to the public. We collate and develop knowledge to enable members and the general public to connect strategy in their organisations to how it can be delivered in balance with their Business-as-Usual activity. We chose not to approach this on a commercial basis to encourage participation in development and greater sharing of the model. This includes many professional groups including Main Board members/directors, Finance Professionals, Portfolio Managers, Product Managers, Programme Managers, Project Managers, Department Heads, Business Support Professionals, Consultants, and Tool Vendors. Collaboratively we've created intellectual property which constitutes what we call the Business Integrated Governance Model. A website has been created ( to share it in the public domain for public use.

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United Kingdom (countrywide)

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18, The Chase, Maidenhead, Berks, sl6 7qw, United Kingdom, South East England