Spare Snacks

Spare Snacks


Snacks are good. We can all agree on that. But can snacks do good to? Hear us out. Every year 50% of the food we produce is wasted. The side effects of this are pretty ugly. Much of it is simply going spare, for well, looking ugly. A wonky carrot. An oversized parsnip. A bumpy apple. But the beauty of snacks is that they don't care what you look like. In a snack, all wonkies are welcome. So that’s why we created Spare. We transform wonky produce into beautifully healthy snacks. So the more you snack, the less we waste. Spare Waste not, want lots.

Product or Service

Hospitality and food , Food production

Social and Environmental Missions


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Greater London

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52 Castle Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 5DG, UK, UK