Prior's Court Trading Ltd

Prior's Court Trading Ltd


Only 32% of autistic adults in the UK are in paid employment, despite over 80% stating a clear wish to work. This figure falls to a shocking 16% in full-time employment. This hasn’t changed in over a decade and for people with severe autism, the picture is even bleaker with the current expectation being that they will never enter the world of work. Prior’s Court, a residential school and young adult provision for young people with severe autism, believe in extraordinary futures for young people with autism, and already 83% of 19-25 year olds enrolled at Prior's Court are successfully engaged in a work placement. The transformations seen through existing workplace programmes sparked the ambition to do a whole lot more...and Bread & Beyond was born The concept of a bakery was inspired by a trip to America where staff at Prior's Court were able to see some exceptional projects developing real work opportunities for people with autism. They came back enthusiastic and inspired. The idea for a self-sustaining bakery was born

Product or Service

Hospitality and food , Café/bakery/coffee shop

Social and Environmental Missions

Mental health and wellbeing , Employment opportunities , Youth development and opportunities

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Prior's Court, Prior's Court Road, Hermitage, Thatcham, Berks, RG18 9NU, UK, South East