The wellbeing generation

The wellbeing generation


My name is Natalie and I am a social entrepreneur. Did you know only 5% of entrepreneurs are social entrepreneurs? Driving their ambitions and energies into a worthwhile course and helping the collective through a social cause? To me there seems to be a disconnect here, the world seems to be fascinated with finding our why but it seems that we seem to be stumbling around in the dark to find it. My journey to becoming a social entrepreneur isn’t dissimilar, before I discovered how to be ‘on-purpose’ as they call it, I got very lost in world and definitely lost my way in the world.Fast forward to today I run an organisation called the Wellbeing Generation, and the first workshop in our flagship programme is called ‘Managing your mind’. It teaches people awareness as the first step in being the author of their own life story.

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Health Care , Community Health Services

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Mental health and wellbeing

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Rowstock House, Rowstock, Didcot, OXON, ox11 0jp, United Kingdom, South West England