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The Innovation in Mental Health Project


The Innovation in Mental Health Project exists to change the way mental health is understood and “treated.” We believe that current services, which emphasise providing therapy and medication to those in mental health crisis are inadequate. As mental health professionals we know that many mental health crises can be prevented if people are educated in how the mind works and taught skills for dealing with difficult feelings. The project intends to: • Support mental health professionals to develop and evaluate their own innovations for enhancing public mental health through the Do More Than Therapy Membership and the Business of Psychology Podcast • Develop and evaluate our own innovative interventions • Provide hypnobirthing classes to prevent unnecessary birth trauma • Provide accessible therapy for those who need it

Product or Service

Health Care , Mental health services (including psychological therapies)

Social and Environmental Missions

Mental health and wellbeing , Supporting other social enterprises/organisations

Regions of Operation

United Kingdom (countrywide) , Devon

Head Office Address

29-35 St Nicholas Place null null, Leicester, England, LE1 4LD, United Kingdom, South West England