Sleep and Therapy Services

Sleep and Therapy Services


Sleep is vital for our health and wellbeing. When children don’t get enough sleep, it affects every aspect of their development. Our sleep practitioners will provide individualised sleep plans for children, support for parents and training for professionals to help children to get a good night’s sleep. Many children have developmental issues such as delayed language development, problems with fine motor skills or sensory processing. These problems make it difficult for them to communicate their needs, make friends, dress themselves and integrate into society. We will provide these children with help and support from qualified therapists in order to develop these vital skills for life. We will work with parents and professionals to increase their knowledge and understanding of how to support these children. We will be.. Working together to transform children’s lives through Sleep and Therapy Services

Product or Service

Health Care , Therapy services (physiotherapy, OT, dietetics, speech and language, podiatry)

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Mental health and wellbeing , Physical health and wellbeing

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England (countrywide)

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54 Wythenshawe Road null null, Sale, Cheshire, M33 2JX, United Kingdom, North West England