Openclinical CIC

Openclinical CIC


OpenClinical CIC has developed a novel technology for creating models of best medical practice in the form of artificial intelligence services called "publets". Publets are like little cartridges of medical knowledge which combine the benefits of traditional clinical guidelines, such as the library of clinical guidance published by NICE, with the power of AI to give patient-specific assistance in diagnosis, treatment, care planning and many other aspects of healthcare. There are more than 60 examples of publets currently on the OpenClinical web site. This shows the potential for a huge variety of applications for many clinical settings and medical specialties. There could eventually be thousands of high quality publets available to support clinicians in their practice and patients themselves in their decision-making.

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Health Care , Community Health Services

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Physical health and wellbeing

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c/o Oxford University Innovation, Buxton Court , 3 West Way, Oxford, OXON, OX2 0JB, United Kingdom, South East England