Nature Fix CIC

Nature Fix CIC


Nature Fix provides short courses in nature-based health activities to community groups to help relieve stress, anxiety and depression and reduce social isolation. It delivers evidence-based, “green” interventions which support mental health treatment, rehabilitation and recovery. Working with marginalised groups in areas of high deprivation, Nature Fix offers a self-help and self-care model that fosters community resilience and social connections. Through the Nature Fix training programme participants learn skills and knowledge to put into future practice in their local community. Nature Fix offers an effective, accessible, low-cost, mental wellbeing service which supports the work of over-stretched health services. Nature Fix also offers nature-based stress reduction and relaxation workshops, based on the Japanese custom of "shinrin yoku" or forest-bathing, for employers wanting to support the mental health and wellbeing of their staff. Workshops are led by a certified Forest Bathing Guide and take place in beautiful outdoor settings within easy reach of London.

Product or Service

Health Care , Mental health services (including psychological therapies)

Social and Environmental Missions

Environment , Social inclusion , Mental health and wellbeing

Regions of Operation

Greater London

Head Office Address

c/o 162 ALBION ROAD, LONDON, London, N16 9JS, United Kingdom, London
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