Memory Tracks Ltd

Memory Tracks Ltd


Memory Tracks is a care platform that provides this personalised selection of music tailored to an individual Dementia patient’s routine, their family, carers and needs. Music is an underused tool in health and wellbeing, despite its extraordinary therapeutic potential. This is particularly true with Dementia and mental health, where the power of music to transform outcomes is now well documented. Dementia results in steady deterioration of the brain function causing a wide range of daily issues for sufferers such as anxiety, disorientation, anger, fear, irritability, depression, and withdrawal. The use of Memory Tracks and reminiscence music can significantly decrease many of these behaviours, and improve the lives of sufferers and carers.

Product or Service

Health Care , Therapy services (physiotherapy, OT, dietetics, speech and language, podiatry)

Social and Environmental Missions

Elderly care

Regions of Operation

United Kingdom (countrywide)

Head Office Address

2 Grove House, London, Greater London, SE3 0DG, United Kingdom, London