MeeToo Education Ltd

MeeToo Education Ltd


MeeToo is the first fully moderated App to integrate the emotional and instrumental support of peer networks, with in-app access to expert advice and educational resources. Designed as an early intervention solution to adolescent anxiety, it allows teenagers to safely and anonymously, ask questions, express concerns, and share advice. The digital landscape is changing at a rapid pace and everyone is worried about the impact on young people. The increasing decline in adolescent mental health is largely blamed on social media but if we believe that mobile media can influence young people in a negative way, then we must accept that it has the potential to influence them in a positive way too. MeeTwo harnesses the power of social media as a “super peer” to create a new mobile learning environment which provides young people with safe “anywhere, anytime” access to the personal support, advice and information they need.

Product or Service

Health Care , Mental health services (including psychological therapies)

Social and Environmental Missions

Education and literacy , Mental health and wellbeing , Youth development and opportunities

Regions of Operation

United Kingdom (countrywide)

Head Office Address

The Health Foundry, 1 Royal Street, London, SE1 7LL, United Kingdom, London