PressPad is a social enterprise that aims to diversify the media by subsiding one of the main financial obstacles to those trying to enter the profession: the cost of accommodation. We pair young people from across the UK who have an internship in London and other big cities with experienced media professionals who have a spare room for mentorship and hosting - like AirBnB but with great advice thrown in! We offer cost-effective accommodation so that media organisations can attract interns from a more socio-economically diverse background at little extra cost. Our additional services and mentorship component improve the likely retention of young employees that organisations have already invested in. We offer interns affordable, accessible and safe accommodation (subsidised, at low cost or bursary-funded) with industry contacts and support to give them a chance to afford the opportunities they need to enter the media. We hope having a media that is more representative of society will lead to a more relevant and better trusted press.

Product or Service

Education and skills development , Career coaching and employment support

Social and Environmental Missions

Financial exclusion , Employment opportunities , Youth development and opportunities

Regions of Operation

United Kingdom (countrywide)

Head Office Address

30 Adare Walk, Streatham Hill null, London, United Kingdom, SW162PN, United Kingdom, London