OEA Alternative Provision

OEA Alternative Provision


Our mission is to provide high quality alternative education provision for students who need an individualised setting to engage in education. We use practical subjects and activities as a vehicle to support and motivate young people to engage with both social and academic learning. We start with the relationship; we build a trusting, mutually respectful and relaxed relationship with the young person aiming to engaging them in activities that interest them, whether they are based around sport, computers, building, forest school, fishing or animal care – or a combination of lots of things to see what works. We start with small steps, focussing on their needs and what works for them. We work on developing social skills, respect for the community and aiming to re-engage with education and training. The Core Skills, PHSE and Careers development are embedded into the students programme from the start, but done so in a practical and fun way. Our aim is to move students back into their main school setting with an increased positivity and motivation, or to move them onto one of our engagement pathways that are focussed on gaining qualifications – all run in the same individualised and relationship focussed way.

Product or Service

Education and skills development , College/University

Social and Environmental Missions

Education and literacy

Regions of Operation

Isle of Wight

Head Office Address

Gate Lane, Freshwater Bay, IOW, PO40 9US, United Kingdom, South East England