Icena Ltd

Icena Ltd


ICENA Ltd exists to create social change and empower individuals. ICENA works directly with and actively engages and collaborates with partners to deliver pioneering services so that we can; Influence attitudes, beliefs, practices and discriminatory social norms Offer fair access to resources and opportunities Sustain specialist services for survivors of sexual violence across the UK We do this by providing training to: Health professionals Public and private sector Third sector Education providers Prison Service We have ambitious plans for the future, these include providing services on behalf of the public sector and access to housing for survivors and their families.

Product or Service

Education and skills development , Vocational/technical training

Social and Environmental Missions

Women and gender equality , Social inclusion , Mental health and wellbeing

Regions of Operation

United Kingdom (countrywide)

Head Office Address

Salisbury House, Station Road null null, Cambridge, CB1 2LA, United Kingdom, East England