Fertility Matters at Work

Fertility Matters at Work


Fertility Matters At Work exists to educate and inspire businesses with an awareness of how infertility affects both their employees and their organisation. If you’re looking to invest into your workforce and positively influence your work culture, we can help! RECOGNITION, AWARENESS, FLEXIBILITY & SUPPORT IS KEY By increasing awareness and overcoming the many misconceptions we can support the many working women and men that are facing this challenge. Not only improving their personal experience but also, as an inclusive and diverse employer, improving engagement, loyalty and productivity. WE AIM TO: Ensure employers and employees recognise that infertility can affect as many as one in six couples, all of working age Open up conversations within the workplace so that those facing infertility don’t need to suffer in silence Educate about the reality of what fertility treatment involves and the link to mental health Empower organisations to build an inclusive and supportive workplace, helping them to become modern employers of choice

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Education and skills development , Career coaching and employment support

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Mental health and wellbeing

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Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, East Midlands