Education Assessment Network

Education Assessment Network


Education Assessment Network is a non-profit, non-governmental and apolitical organization legally registered in Guatemala dedicated to improving the quality of education. We assist educational institutions, parents, and students so that together we can reach our full potential.EAN is an independent accreditation provider with expert advice about the points that make up a quality education. We have conducted a deep analysis of different subjects to create the criteria. Points that challenge the current status quo of the educational systems. The wellness of students is at the heart of what we do. Being that we are unaffiliated with any government agency means that we have the freedom to create a very unique program. We believe that institutions that meet our criteria are institutions that prepare and equip their students for a better future, a better society, and to become better people.

Product or Service

Education and skills development , Tutoring services

Social and Environmental Missions

Education and literacy , Mental health and wellbeing , International Development

Regions of Operation

Central America

Head Office Address

San Jose pinula, Guatemala null null null null, Guatemala, Guatemala, 1001, Guatemala, International