Couchman Bespoke

Couchman Bespoke


Couchman Bespoke is an ethical tailors based in east London. We offer alterations, repairs and customisation of existing and new clothes to better suit modern lifestyles. This keeps clothes out of landfill and promotes the rewear consciousness. Couchman Bespoke also teaches tailor skills such as basic sewing to making your own garment. The classes tend to be 1 to 1 giving full guidance on how to complete at home too. This leads on to our Pay It Forward scheme, for those less fortunate to pay for lessons. If you can afford to pay for someone else to gain vital skills we welcome the donation. We are also part of the B1G1 scheme of which a part of each sale contributes towards water sanitation around the world.

Product or Service

Education and skills development , Tutoring services

Social and Environmental Missions


Regions of Operation

City of London

Head Office Address

Arebyte Studios, Unit 16 London City Island null null null null null, London, London, E14 0QE, United Kingdom, London