Commodious aim is simple - to provide cost effective health, safety and compliance training for everybody. With a special emphasis towards SME's, charities and organisations that help people get back into work. We offer discounts and bespoke bundles of training specially tailored to these organisations and individuals. We fully support the HSE and Food Standards Agency in their efforts to make sure everyone in the UK can work and live in a safe, hygienic environment. Our aim is to drive down the costs of this essential training so that everybody can afford and have access to it regardless of their situation.

Product or Service

Education and skills development , Vocational/technical training

Social and Environmental Missions

Supporting other social enterprises/organisations

Regions of Operation

United Kingdom (countrywide)

Head Office Address

Gateshead International Business Centre, Mulgrave Terrace, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE8 1AN, United Kingdom, UK