Clb level up

Clb level up


I have recently set up my own beauty teaching academy so I can now teach fully accredited beauty courses and part of my goal is to be able to help people who are struggling to find work or didn’t get GCSEs etc and I am looking at setting something up where they can have their courses funded but I think I need to set up a cic and have a constitution not sure where to start Basically goal would be Helping 6-12 people are year to gain their beauty qualifications with me and hopefully I can sort funding so they could each be allocated enough to cover their training with me and certification cost aswell as start up kits and first year insurance… I may be wishful thinking but even if I can help 1 or 2 people get going with a career it would be a positive, please let me know what you think and if there is anything social enterprise can help me with.

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Education and skills development , Vocational/technical training

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Employment opportunities , Poverty , Youth development and opportunities

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