Shadboxruk c.i.c

Shadboxruk c.i.c


Jacqui-lee, has over 20 years of experience under her belt, and as she became more involved in boxing on varying levels, it gave her the vantage point of discovering some truths that prevail in this sport: talent isn’t enough. If you don’t have the right team, access to training, finance, media coverage or managers with connections, a boxer’s chances of advancing are limited. Our main objectives are to alleviate poverty through sport, to work with people to bring out their fullest potential and to use different forms of technology and media for the good of humanity. We do this through: • Using multimedia platforms to showcase the work of competitive boxers who start off with little to no access to marketing budgets or traditional media outlets. • Selling a range of apparel to help finance the cause. • Providing Certified Boxing Courses

Product or Service

Creative industries , Advertising and marketing

Social and Environmental Missions

Community building and opportunities

Regions of Operation

International , England (countrywide) , Wales (countrywide) , Scotland (countrywide) , Northern Ireland (countrywide)

Head Office Address

71-75 Shelton Street,, London, Covent Garden, WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom, London