OUR ENTERPRISE Saomao is a social enterprise creating unique pieces of jewellery, silk and cotton accessories. We use materials are organic, eco-friendly, sustainable, or recycled. Saomao does not put profits above people and we believe in giving back to society, to contributing to poverty alleviation and to improve the lives and conditions of people. Our design principles are of sustainability and style and the level of impact we make on nature, people and the planet. Consumers are becoming more mindful, taking the social and environmental impact of the products they buy and the services they use into consideration before making a purchasing decision. Saomao uses locally sourced silver, recycled brass and bullet shells to create meaningful jewellery. Our textiles are eco friendly, sustainable and biodegradable. I founded Saomao and set about creating a progressive brand that puts the environment, people and nature at the centre of everything it does. I have been continuously involved with Cambodian artisans, producers and the handicraft industry in Cambodia for over 25 years. I attained a M.Sc. in Poverty reduction from The London University to help me better in my work. I am now based in the uk and sell saomao products

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Creative industries , Crafts

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26 Looe street, Plymouth, Devon, PL40EA, United Kingdom, South West England