PAYANAM is a brand and a platform that allows refugees to share their journey and support themselves through selling their art. We want to empower more refugees to share their stories in ways that can allow others to feel them. Art therapy helps refugees to overcome their trauma/darkness by creating unique art. We touch on universal themes of hope, humanity and new beginnings. We partner with our community of refugee artists to curate a selection of meaningful products to support their own Our products are unique. All our artworks, designs, photographs, paintings, sculptures and accessories, are created by refugee artists. Each piece of art is personal and connected to a part of the artist journey to make it unique. We sell apparel, paintings, prints, merchandise, accessories, sculptures, pottery and other products designed by refugees and asylum seekers. Our products are designed to make you look good, feel good and do good. When you buy any PAYANAM product, you are supporting a refugee artist.

Product or Service

Creative industries , Design: product, graphic and fashion design

Social and Environmental Missions

Mental health and wellbeing , Youth development and opportunities , Refugees and asylum seekers

Regions of Operation

United Kingdom (countrywide)

Head Office Address

Kemp House, 152-160 City Road null, London, LONDON, EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom, London