Make Some Noise Productions Ltd


Make Some Noise Productions Ltd helps small to medium-sized charities access high-quality campaign video output and generates paid employment in the creative industries. As an end-to-end production company, it works with charities to develop audio-visual concepts, manage the creation, production of film and assist with its launch and promotion. Make Some Noise Productions Ltd also helps the charities fundraise for the film, as necessary, (through crowdfunding) and donates any surplus money raised back to the charity. During the filmmaking process, the company hires talent (acting, editing, directing, lighting, sound etc) and this helps create paid employment within the creative industries.

Product or Service

Creative industries , Film, TV, video, radio and photography

Social and Environmental Missions

Community building and opportunities , Employment opportunities , Supporting other social enterprises/organisations

Head Office Address

52a Tetherdown, Muswell Hill null, London, London, N10 1NG, United Kingdom, London