Hepp Innovate

Hepp Innovate


Social incubator, opening circus and performing arts to All. Learn, Play, Co-create, Perform. Hepp provides new physical and digital infrastructures - a digital platform and an actual spacial proposal - to connect amateur and professional communities in the circus and performing arts and open the arts to All. Hepp brings collaboration across disciplines in performing arts to achieve a new, previously unimagined, level of performance. Hepp opens a new world of creativity, self-expression, fun and wellbeing for people who have never tried circus or performing arts before. Everyone can become a performer with the support of a social and inclusive community. Learn the art of self-expression. Hepp is a temporary placemaking solution for the regeneration of masterplans; bringing people, communities and value to your sites through art, training and performance venues. It is a sustainable model, following the re-use principle through sites relocations. At the moment, no such thing exists in the UK. As an art form, the circus needs no language. Hepp is fundamentally a global project, with a universal human theme of self-expression and community building, exporting culture internationally. Three markets, one solution. Hepp

Product or Service

Creative industries , Music, performing and visual arts

Social and Environmental Missions

Environment , Community building and opportunities , Social inclusion , Mental health and wellbeing , Physical health and wellbeing

Regions of Operation

United Kingdom (countrywide)

Head Office Address

Hepp, 86-90, Floor 3, Paul Street, London, London, EC2A 4NE, United Kingdom, London
Website: www.hepp.uk