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The profile of the businesses that are our target membership holders would best be described as small or medium enterprises. • They could operate as small as an independent / one person company through to larger organisations that can join us as a Benefactor. • By definition of joining us they will have an existing (or be educated at the point of membership) on the ideals of social citizenship and how this dovetails with Donatable's social mission. • They will understand the benefits and intrinsic value that our membership services brings to them and have a real desire to “glow while you grow” • They understand the double whammy affect and benefits of not only supporting our social mission but at the same time know that by using a social enterprise in and of itself is a donatable act and one which makes the glow even brighter. • Needless to say not many businesses have a giving strategy, therefore the absence of one we assume will be a pre-requisite. However they will either have a non-existent and structured social media strategy or if they do see the massive benefits of us aiding there internal efforts.

Product or Service

Creative industries , Advertising and marketing

Social and Environmental Missions

Community building and opportunities

Regions of Operation

West Midlands

Head Office Address

Unit 8, Crewe Hall Enterprise Park Weston Road, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 6UA, United Kingdom, Wales