Bodies in Action enGendering Contemporary Dance

Bodies in Action enGendering Contemporary Dance


Bodies in Action ~ enGendering Contemporary Dance based in east London, is a nonprofit dance organization founded by dancer and choreographer Julian Nichols . As a company, we strive to provide audiences and communities with engaging contemporary dance by hosting different classes, workshops, organized discussion, and performance. As physical bodies, we share our perspective through the lens of a simple, yet revolutionary idea: we stand and encourage people to live in their authentic skin without succumbing to societal pressures of conformity. The gender spectrum as well as sexual orientation has become polarizing in recent times, yet we, in the end, are all human. To this end, Bodies in Action promotes equality among all despite gender identity, race, age, sexual orientation, body type, and physical ability through both creations and diversity of the company. Our work aims to expand societal awareness about gender authenticity by tackling stereotypes of what it is to be human. In today’s society, despite crucial advances, there remains an apparent stigma for those that don’t identify as a man or woman or that do not have heterosexual relations. While society continues to expand its acceptance of gender there is still a lot of unexplored and unimagined possibilities. Bodies in Action pushes our gender forwardthinking through progressive artistic representations about what it means to live and move in a spectrum of gendered ways. Bodies in Action gives immediate and transparent perspective of bodies integrating through movement without regards to gender by embracing all genders across the spectrum.

Product or Service

Creative industries , Music, performing and visual arts

Social and Environmental Missions

Gender equality

Regions of Operation

City of London

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11 Bethlehem House, Limehouse Causeway null null, London, England, E14 8AG, United Kingdom, London