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Our non-profit organisation Axé Boom Boom (SC703609) aims to provide lasting solutions to children's inactivity by supporting and building healthy and active lives for children and their families. Our main objectives are: · To develop physical literacy by helping children and their families to keep healthy and active by encouraging them to learn and train Capoeira and play African Djembe drums. · To inspire and empower children to be more active by exploring their body awareness, creativity and the energy potential that sits within them. · To support children from low income households by widening the reach of Capoeira and Djembe drumming especially with those who do not do enough sport and art due to lack of access to sport and art facilities or classes, so those without the financial means to afford leisure activities. The organisation wants to offer free classes, workshops and educational programmes to schools and individuals in the financially challenged areas of Edinburgh. · To tackle inequality through targeting those who live in poverty or residing in areas of social and economic deprivation in Edinburgh, including but not limited to those from Black and/or Minority Ethnic backgrounds and those families where English is not the first language and so children learn two or more languages from when they are born. The organisation aspired to strengthen social inclusion especially in the areas of Edinburgh that are more affected by poverty and inequality. Axé Boom Boom promote sport and physical activity within the City of Edinburgh and look into opening a sport hub where all children and their families are welcome to develop their love for sport and become active for life.

Product or Service

Creative industries , Music, performing and visual arts

Social and Environmental Missions

Youth development and opportunities

Regions of Operation

Scotland (countrywide)

Head Office Address

48 Watson Crescent, Edinburgh, Lothian, EH11 1EP, United Kingdom, Scotland