Silent Voices Organization C.I.C.

Silent Voices Organization C.I.C.


Silent Voices Organization C.I.C is a social enterprise for women’s empowerment through sustainable entrepreneurship. Our mission is to change the lives of young people, families, and communities through equipping women with professional and personal development skills to create and self-direct economic empowerment. We offer provisions of training, employment schemes and psychological wellbeing services to address the challenge posed by the dichotomy of tradition and modernity through promoting the acceptance of women and girls in STEM industries while harnessing their existing skills and resources in areas such as artisanship. We believe in the power of mutual understanding to mediate acceptance of ideological shifts and work in partnership with the African diaspora connection in the UK to engender cultural resonance with local communities in Kenya and Uganda. Together, we create synergies between the forces of economic opportunity and creative cultures to inspire the celebration of women’s empowerment for positive social impact.

Product or Service

Community and general services , Environmental – recycling, re-use etc.

Social and Environmental Missions

Community building and opportunities

Regions of Operation

Greater London

Head Office Address

Studio 210, 134 – 146 Curtain Road, London, London, EC2A 3AR, United Kingdom, London