Ipswich Combat Academy

Ipswich Combat Academy


We offer Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes to kids and adults in Ipswich. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a gentle art. It is proven to help people deal with PTSD as well as other forms of mental health issues. It helps children who previously had been bullied. Women enjoy jiu-jitsu because it is safe and makes them feel confident they can protect themselves when needed. By training BJJ people naturally improve their health, cardio and lose weight. The longer people train with us the highest the impact on their lives. The journey to higher grades in BJJ is a lot slower compared to Karate and other sports and it makes people want to harder to better themselves.

Product or Service

Community and general services , Sport and leisure services

Social and Environmental Missions

Mental health and wellbeing , Physical health and wellbeing , Veterans / ex-military

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61, Bruff Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP2 8GS, United Kingdom, South East England
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