Green Earth Plan CIC

Green Earth Plan CIC


Green Earth Plan CIC is not-for-profit organisation, all of our funding supports community action projects that benefit people and the planet. We’re on a mission to bring about positive environmental change by inspiring hearts and minds, building communities and sharing sustainable living practices. One of the ways we are achieving this is through our urban greening campaign called ‘Green Up Our Street’. Unfortunately we are losing an increasing number of trees and green spaces in urban areas due to land use changes. This campaign encourages people to talk to their neighbours, form a community and decide where there are suitable spaces for start a local urban greening projects, whether it be planting trees, a wildflower meadow or installing a green roof, there is something for everyone. Our call to action is just to take part, and we are committed to provide the resources to help you change our world for the better, one day at a time.

Product or Service

Community and general services , Environmental – recycling, re-use etc.

Social and Environmental Missions

Community building and opportunities

Regions of Operation

England (countrywide)

Head Office Address

72 Forest Road null, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 4HU, United Kingdom, South East England